22 August 2012

Graphic Scotland

One of the pleasing spin-offs of the Story Shop day came about whilst waiting in the queue for the Grant Morrison event later that evening. There I got chatting to Ariadne Cass-Maran. This was a Good Thing because it meant I got to tell her in person how great the story was that she read at the wonderful Illicit Ink show at Unbound the other night and also because she asked me to write a blog entry for her website, Graphic Scotland.

Graphic Scotland is a fantastic venture that aims to bring comic book writers into contact with comic book artists so it feels a real privilige to be asked to contribute. So here is is, a wee piece on the madness of working on a novel about Scottish superheroes. Thanks Ariadne!


  1. Hi,

    This is a Scottish superhero you may want to know about: http://www.captainscotland.com

    Happy writing


  2. Excellent! Thanks for the tip-off, Jesus, and having had a look at the first page, he looks just as mildly useless as you'd expect a Scottish superhero to be.

    Thanks again,