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  • 'The Pleasure Palace'. No, not a dodgy establishment in Neveda, but a new Scottish wonder. Out in October!

  • Dreams of the City’ was a chapbook published by Forest Publications back in 2009 and features three short stories involving take-away menus, spooky computer games and the sounds of the city. The talented Hailey Bevis designed the cover and very lovely it is too. You might want to check with Forest if they have any in stock though. Last I heard they were probably buried in a lock-up somewhere.


  • Ah, those drunken reprobates of ‘The One O’Clock Gun’(ach, they won’t mind being so described) have been very good to me (probably because they were drunk) and published a number of bits and pieces that could be found in the Gun’s wooden distribution boxes left in various dens of iniquity. This anthology features three stories involving wild men roaming Holyrood Park, mysterious comic book artists and the legendary, much lamented Smoke Museum (it burnt down).


·        For years I’d been trying to write poetic realist type stories where someone wandered about miserable, had an epiphany in a park and went home. Surprisingly, no one wanted to publish them. Then I thought, ‘Sod it, I’ll write a story about a mad inventor and a mechanical bird.’ And ended up getting a story in New Writing Scotland. There’s a lesson in there somewhere…


·        There are those who have tried to keep Scotland’s space programme Top Secret. But the truth will always out…find the untold story here!


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·        'The Whisky Dreamers' is sort of autobiographical, sort of not. If you recognise yourself in it, it isn't you.


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